darkrp problem! :(

Hello, I run a dark rp server. When ever I try to use a darkrp map, though, such as downtown, the server name shows as just garrys mod and the game mod reverts to sandbox. Anyone have any ideas why?

you should add this to your server launch options
== WARNING == putting these options into server.cfg will have no effect

all cvars that must be set BEFORE the server.cfg executes should be in the launch parametrs

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I forgot something again…
you can try to add

and this cfg file (probably?) will be executed almost after server start

My launch parametrs:

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oh wait. forgot something again!

  • always change map with changelevel <mapname> and never use map command
  • i hope you have correct server.cfg with line:
  • i hope you didn’t trying to make listen darkrp server…

Thanks! I found out that it was that my command line didn’t execute the config file. It works, now. Thank you.