Darkrp problem

ok i have tried everything to stop players from moving admins and vice versa with Physgun NOTHING has worked 100% when i disable it the player is instead Dragged on the ground and cannot be lifted into the air but can still be moved plz someone help me im sorry if i messed up and posted this wrong first post hopefully get some positive feedback

Do you have a admin mod? If so, which one?

i had ulx and assmod currently but i removed them and still messed up

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i deleted ULX fyi

Uh what, are you sure you’re using a SVN?

for ulx yes

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for assmod no gmod.org/download

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this happened before assmod

You’re using SCRDS right? If you are go into the console and type "ulx adduser <yourname> superadmin

Also, don’t use 2 admin mods at the same time.

unknown command “ulx”

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i was not using two at same time

Uh try this: rcon ulx adduser <yourname> superadmin

Make sure you’re using ULX.

i told you current admin mod installed is assmod not ULX

Then: ass_setownership <yourname>

that didnt work either same error but assmod is running…do you have svn for assmod i cant seem to find it

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ok i removed assmod and all other admin mods the default fadmin for darkrp is now what is active it still doesnt work at all


Remove Assmod and ULX. Assmod hasn’t been fully compatible with garrysmod in forever. Install one of the newer and more popular admin menus, Exsto or Evolve (I use both :slight_smile:
After that, Set yourself as admin using those admin mods then goto the Q Menu and there is a utilites I believe or if not the other one…There is a menu…Falco’s Prop Protection and you are able to set weather or not admins can pick up and drag players…And if you are hosting it off your computer you can press TAB and there should be some pictures of Global CVAR’s there. You are able to set weather or not players can pick up other players and if they can pick up admins and vice versa.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Exsto is dead and a mess, Evolve is abandoned and doesn’t work on Macs. ASSMod is simple and quick, if you know what you’re doing you can fix anything broken in a couple of minutes. OP probably wants ULX.

Make sure you have Ulib.

thanks for the help problem was lack of updating the gamemode folder on fastdl server thanks though