DarkRP Problem?

Does anyone else have this problem where AFK is disabled and there is no way to enable it? I have looked in the config.lua and there is nothing there that has anything to do with AFK mode…This is a huge problem because people like to go AFK a lot and just rack up money when they are not even playing!

How to use:
Use rp_afk_demote 1 to enable AFK mode.
Use rp_afk_demotetime to set the time someone has to be AFK before they are demoted.
If a player uses /afk, they go into AFK mode, they will not be autodemoted and their salary is set to $0 (you can still be killed/vote demoted though!).
If a player does not use /afk, and they don’t do anything for the demote time specified, they will be automatically demoted to hobo.

I recommend looking at all of this. It really benefits to know everything on this wiki

Thanks for the help guys! will try this soon

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ok, so i tried this and this does not work…