Darkrp Problems [Models/Materials/Commands/Downloads]

Hey guys! Usually I browse the forums in search for answers, but this time it seems like I’m going to post…

I’ve been working on a darkrp server recently, and I’ve ran into an issue that has really baffled me so far. I’m having issues with the models and materials integrating with eachother.

I have a couple problems as far as the whole project goes tho…

  1. I can’t really get the ‘force download on player’ thing working. I mean I can, but so far it hasn’t been on my side.
  2. I cannot get custom job models to work, and if I do then I can’t get the materials to work. Why is that?
  3. I added a command in the main.lua, and it does not work?

If you could help me, that would be great! If you need more details I can help you with that.