DarkRP Problems (Simple)

Here’s the problem, every time a player joins the server or respawns he starts out with a bunch of weapons. How do i make it so you only start off with the gravity gun, phygun, camera, and a tool gun?

Also when people join the server there job is always “Teh Owner”. How do i make it so there name plus mine, “Citizen”?

And lastly every time you die, then respawn, then go into the f4 menu the food/weapon shipments are gone. How do you fix this?

From what I read in your last thread, your server is running Assmod. Many Assmod plugins strongly conflict with DarkRP. Try booting your server without Assmod and see which of these errors go away.

While Assmod’s plugins might be causing the first two issues, the last one I’m unsure about. See if removing Assmod clears it up, if not, try putting on vanilla DarkRP (without custom teams, shipments, etc), and see if it works.

wow, Getting rid of Assmod fixed all three problems. Is there an admin tool like Assmod that wouldn’t interfere with DarkRP? Because I would still like to have some authority on my server. Also thanks Deadeye536!

It may be hard to set up for you, though. Not that hard once you figure everything out.

Is there any other smiler to Assmod’s user interface? Because the simpleness of pressing a button and having everything you need right there in front of you is really easy. But ill take a look at ULX.


You know what, I think ULX is good enough for me. It looks pretty sweet.