DarkRP problems...

I have a few problems with darkRP that i cant seem to figure out (being a very inexperienced lua coder).

  1. When i spawn money printers and shipments they dont seem to break up when damage is done to them, which part of the code do i need to change for this?

  2. shipments vanish when the person who originally spawned them changes job or disconnects.

  3. When cocaine is spawned it cant be moved with the grav gun at all but it can be used.

Any help on these problems is really appreciated but please don’t scream at me for wanting to use DarkRP. Thanks.

  1. Shipments can’t break in the newest DarkRP, printers break eventually.

  2. Check the gundealer job code in shared.lua, where spawning shipments is, and find when player disconnects, what happens.

  3. Entities spawned via the Q menu in DarkRP cannot be picked up with the gravgun, but can still be used by anyone. Only the person who spawned that entity can move it.

thankyou for the first two real helpful, but the cocaine is spawned from a shipment not the q menu, any thoughts please?

It probably has to do with your prop protection settings

turn off entity damage protection and shipments can be broken this new FPP is seriosuly annoying

SPP worked soo much better