DarkRP prop ban

Anyone care to tell me how I ban props in darkrp? I am new to darkrp so please no hate.


What he means by that is Falco’s prop protection.

This is a good tool but be very careful how you configure it, it can become incredibly annoying VERY QUICKLY if your restrictions are too tight.

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For example, the anti-spam can really get under your skin if it’s not lenient enough.

Falco’s Prop Protection works awesomely.

I agree with FPP it works a hell of a lot better. You need to add limits to certain people that way all the new players or minges get stuck with a certain amount and not a total of 90 props. It also helps to make sure that by restricting items or props vs banning, to have a reason when someone decides to click on it via spawnmenu, example “bridge01.mdl is restricted because it’s too large”. IF FPP isn’t working there is also SPP.