DarkRP properties not changing

Hello, I’m using DarkRP in addition with darkrp-modification. When I go to the darkrp_config folder and edit settings.lua, there’s a table called GM.Config.allowedProperties. The problem is, whenever I change something in this table, even after a restart, nothing happens. The table looks like this;

-- Properties set to true are allowed to be used. Values set to false or are missing from this list are blocked.
GM.Config.allowedProperties = {
	remover = true,
	ignite = true,
	extinguish = true,
	keepupright = true,
	gravity = true,
	collision = true,
	skin = true,
	bodygroups = true

As you can see, I have ‘ignite’ set to true, which isn’t default in DarkRP; ignite is set to false by default. After I save the file and upload it, I then restart the server. However, even after doing this, I still can’t ignite props with my context menu. It’s as if it’s not reacting to the changes at all.

Another issue, partially related, is that I’m trying to implement robotboy666’s Extended Properties addon to add some more functions for certain things like NPCs. However, I have no idea how to add one of the properties to this list. Below is an example of the code used to add a property to the context menu in his addon;

AddEntFireProperty("rb655_turret_ammo_remove", "Deplete Ammo", 656, "npc_turret_floor", "DepleteAmmo", "icon16/delete.png")

In the table I posted above, what would I add to make this property usable? rb655_turret_ammo_remove, or DepleteAmmo?