Darkrp Properties


I have installed this script in my server i run darkrp
its working but i whant to add the

name and price under the line: Unowned
so i whant it like
Gun Shop

But im not a good script so if you guys can help me to make the variabel Name, Price

in this script you can add 10 doors when the player buy 1 door he owns the other 9.
in the .lua file where you can add the doors i have place the name price and the doors,

how can i make a script to call the name + price

when you buy the door:
Notify( ply, 0, 8, “You’ve bought “…to_buy.Name…” for $”…cost )
but this is not working in the entity.lua

Notify( ply, 0, 8, "You've bought "..to_buy.Name.." for $".cost. )


that will break it, and that’s not what he’s asking for

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