DarkRP Property Disabled for now. Anyway to edit this to fix?

Hi, Uh, Im trying to use the C menu on my darkrp server for kinect.I cant find anything for kinect at gamemode_functions:313.

Same problem here

Contact DarkRP author about this.

Bit of a late bump lads, I fixed this after making next to everything relating to that to true

If you are talking about properties like “Ignite” when holding C + Rightclick on a prop

Then it’s in the config.lua

[lua]-- Properties set to true are allowed to be used. Values set to false or are missing from this list are blocked.
GM.Config.allowedProperties = {
remover = true,
ignite = false,
extinguish = true,
keepupright = true,
gravity = true,
collision = true,
skin = true,
bodygroups = true,

It’s around line 320 for me.