DarkRP Property Owner Bar Removal?

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DarkRP has it’s little bar in the left center on the screen wich shows mostly blocked, of the name of it’s prop owner.
Is there a way to remove that bar?


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This line and forward draws the box. Remove line 160 to 177. While FPTje doesn’t enjoy people editing the core, this is basically the only way to do it atm.


You’re linking the line below the one that checks whether the private setting show owner is set. You can override the hook, remove it if you don’t need the notifications, you can set the private setting to false or you can override
FPP.entGetTouchReason clientside never to return “world” and/or “blocked”

And then you say there’s no way without editing core files? I just mentioned four!

Oh I feel dumb, I didn’t really read the code, only looked for clues as to what was relevant!

Both, thanks alot!