DarkRP Questions

okay, i have looked both of these up and found nothing. maybe you guys can help

  1. How do i reset EVERYONES money?
    –On my server, i made it WAY too easy to get money, so im changing things, but most people are already rich. how do i reset that?

  2. Is it possible to give certain jobs more health than usual?
    –My server is a zombie survival server, and i added a zombie job. i want too make it so they dont get raped in ten seconds.

Please help

If you have an svn version, do in clients / servers console rp_resetmoney
and rp_startingmoney for starting money.


what about certain jobs starting with more health?

guess thats sumthing that cant be done…?

it can be done, but i dont have the time to edit the gamemode for you.

we arent going to code your gamemode for you, look for a spawn hook, and add something like

[lua]if team.GetName(ply:Team()) == “Cop” then
ply:Health() = 9001

this will help SO MUCH but what file do i put it into, cl_init?

okay, i am confused. i dont know what file to put the code in and where in the file to put the code.