DarkRP rape swep

Hi Ive been looking for a good darkRP rape swep but most of them i tried dont work well does someone have a link for a good rape swep. Thanks

Oh god wat

There was one once. I wish I knew where it is.

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Like 5 months ago.

Never heard of a rape swep? LOL there fun to fuck around with people and make a rapist class which is popular.

Why not go into noclip then cloak yourself. You can be known as the ghost rapist, your victims will never see it coming.

OH! Before I forget; http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=104910430

Well cause thats abuse and I already saw that link but if you read the top it wont work in gmod

It does work, I think they did that because they don’t want a “rape swep” visible to the public.

This is the best fucking thread of the month. Jesus christ, guys

Yer it works fine
There is the odd occasion you’ll end up spectating some random person (maybe 1 in 20 chance), suicide is the only way out of it
Also weapons get reset to the job load out when the rape is complete as it puts both people into spectate and creates rag dolls to do the rape

It was on garrysmod.org not to sure if it still is. hope this helps

Oh Gawd. Worst creation ever made.

This thread is shitty and you’re a shitty person for thinking this is a good idea

Everyone, take a look at the dates…

this should be closed

I think the one from garrysmod.org is broken.

Obviously. Stop bumping. Let this die.