DarkRP - RDM Report

So I wanted to do a simple script to get into Lua and I figured the best one would be something vgui and darkrp related.
So I decided to make a RDM reporter for DarkRP.
When you die
When you click yes
When you click no

This is for ulx admin mod so if you don’t have it, don’t get this.
Download: http://www.mediafire.com/?1e2n6z9lstq9a8f
Installation: Put the files into you lua folder on gmod.
Hope you enjoy!

What’s stopping someone from clicking yes everytime they die.

Nothing. Ban them if they do.

It’s bad enough that whenever someone in DarkRP dies now they take the effort to actually type out either in OOC or to admins “help I was RDM RDM RDM RDM RAJKLJ1@%?!@%!”. Now you’re giving them a quick, easy way to be completely helpless and obnoxious.

Well if this is the case it’s easy to weed out the abusers. I just made a simple addon.
It can be abused just like any report system can.

Or you could try to make some checks to see if someone died with RDM like circumstances. If you don’t want to do that maybe the people that would like that sort of thing can figure it out themselves. Cool release but I’ve seen it before.

stop supporting darkrp.


It can be used for any gamemode, I just said darkrp because that’s all I see it used for.

This is the most simplistic addon i have ever seen…

This is simple and useful for its purpose therefore it can be classified as a “good addon”. It does lack features like checks etc but that isn’t its purpose as of yet.

I do not support DarkRP but there is nothing wrong with someone creating content for it.

@Lemmie - That can be taken as a complement as it is simplistic for the average user to use aka a 12 year old. If this is criticism then at least recognise that this person has taken the time to release something for free that people would charge $5 for on coderhire. Do better if its bad.

An admin, if its not one of those shitty servers.

I’m not saying it’s bad… Just rather simple. I mean slap on some Paint functions and you could fire it out on coder-hire for $5 a piece. :v:

Just because you don’t like it, it doesn’t mean you need to write something under every DarkRP-addon. If you don’t like it, just ignore the post and stop complaining about it!