DarkRP Reality Team - Together we can make it better


DarkRP is a horrible script to build on, as it’s horribly coded. Is something wrong with the Gmod scripting community or something? Can you make something that isn’t roleplaying because that’s what we need right now. There are a million RP scripts.

STFU! cant you read. if you dont have anything good to say then gtfo!

I was stating an obvious fact, roleplay is becoming an overcrowded market with scripts and overall is a boring thing to do. This is a mere suggestion that you spend your time doing something worth while rather pissing in a sea of piss, or extending DarkRP if you don’t get the analogy.

Great comeback there. You really stood your ground and argued your point clearly.

Learn to take criticism or your gamemode will fail. Little chance of success regardless.

Also, this is the Lua section, get your butt over to the gamemodes section.

pk owner is a 11 year old kid who can’t spell for shit and spams deathrun, gtfo facepunch!

Why quote that post if it only applies to the Gamemode Section?

anyone wanna join?

Apparently not. You don’t have much going for you other than releasing DarkRP with some small changes that don’t make it any better.

I think you’ve made everyone think you’re an idiot already.

I’m in, I know a little about modding DarkRP, I have tons of great ideas and i’m a shitty mapper.
Add me on steam: nofear1999
Edit: I don’t give a shit if you rate me dumb, It’s just YOUR opinion.

I don’t know whether this is sarcasm or not.


Where’s my ZING! rating when I need it.

Lol STFU if you dont like darkrp


added you on steam im pk owner

No, it’s not sarcasm, I own my own DarkRP server and I would like to make it more minge proof. That is the main reason I’m joining to help everybody.

Ok accept request. we can get to work if we get another 2-4 people

I am ambivalent about DarkRP but I don’t like you. What course of action would you suggest?