DARKRP recoding? wat.


Lua is so easy to understand it’s not worth buying a book for it.

Just start off here, and try to understand what the tutorial code does instead of just copying/pasting it.

Changing jobs, shipments etc. would require no knowledge of lua and is very straight forward. However the stat bars wouldn’t be that straight forward and you would need to know lua. I haven’t tried to make similar things myself but I doubt it is that hard and have seen it done on a few servers.


Don’t edit or recode DarkRP. It’ll still be DarkRP and even if it was good, that is enough for some people to label it as crap.


Loads of people hate DarkRP, loads of people love DarkRP, though I must admit - DarkRP’s publication (duh?) are kids. I am 15 years old and I owned a DarkRP server. but anyways;

Custom Jobs: Easy as hell, everything is well-described in the shared.lua file in gamemode/DarkRP.
New shipments: same, but in this case it’s addshipments.

[Car Dealer Job]
If you want people to have cars, but only one job can spawn them, then that’s well-described in addshipments, aswel. [DarkRP 2.3.7]

HP bars are a little more complex, but it’s overcoming.
If you only want HP and Armor, you could read this: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/?title=How_to:_HUD

Stamina bars and stuff like that, is, unfortuneately, out of my league.
Though; there’s is LOADS of pro-Lua-coders, who I am sure would point you in the direction.

Good luck!


Yea, but again - mostly kids play DarkRP, therefore; most pro coders wont support DarkRP.

But I dont know, they might want to help you, just so you can improve your lua coding-abilities, or something like that.


I know this will sound trollish, but as far as I know no girls are at all interested in Roleplay. Outside the bedroom

Anyway, you don’t need a book to learn Lua. Practise and reading the wiki is all you will need.


Lol you made my day with this reply lol

This guy wins for having an awesome girlfriend that likes DarkRP.
Every DarkRP hater now has an invalid statement since even the girls like it!

Also why does no one recommend www.lua.org/pil
Read the pil before reading the garrysmod.com tutorials. The tutorials on Lua on garrysmod.com are not complete, the tutorials for the application of Lua in Gmod are.

If you want to change stat bars, you need to first take a look at

to learn the basics of a HUD, and how you want it positioned

I’ve modded for DarkRP recently (don’t ask). It’s fairly to modify simple areas, but FPtje’s derma code is so oddly tabbed that it becomes incredibly tedious. I spent 20 minutes retabbing an entire function at one point.

Huge function?

It’s ridiculous in some parts.

Some of the codes a mess and I’m having a hell of a time getting DRP to cooperate with me.

It was quite big yes, but it was still awfully tabbed. It should have only taken me perhaps 5 minutes.