DarkRP remake or similar request

Now the idea of this mode is an ArmyRP… It will use cs:s realistic weapons

There would be classes like this -

USMC Engineer ( comes with shotgun and p228 )
USMC Commander ( comes with Galile and Glock )
USMC Medic ( comes with Mac10 and health kits or etc. )
USMC Soldier ( comes with M16 and P228 )

Terrorist ( comes with AK-47 and Deagle )
Terrorist Commander ( Comes with Fa-mas and Deagle )
Terrorist Medic ( comes with AK-47 and Glock )
Terrorist Support ( comes with M249 and Deagle )

Trader ( comes with ability to buy all guns and carries a Aug )

Citizen ( comes with no guns )
Builder ( comes with toolgun and P228 )

–all classes have phys guns

–I would use the map rp_salvation or gm_atomic - i have both

–there would have to be a kill score somewhere…

and that’s all pretty much… i think i can get everything else…
please if you will help pm me or post if you would

You want us to use the 1-line function to add jobs for you?

And a scoreboard?

Here you go. But honestly you think you can do everything else but not the simple coding to make jobs?

Why don’t you just use sandbox instead.

Thats what your RP server will be like.

Dark Deathmatch.

If you go to the darkRP wiki page and look at “how to make jobs” for 2 mins you can do this yourself and that’s better because in the future you can add your own classes and expand you creation!


That’s a complete list for lua on DarkRP and here is a small file so you can make your own jobs, just add it to shared.lua Just read true it and you will understand it!

TEAM_SWAT = AddExtraTeam("S.W.A.T", Color(0,0,153,255), "models/player/barney.mdl", [[Raid And Protect From Terrorists
]], {"weapon_deagle2", "weapon_mp52",  "weapon_pumpshotgun2"}, "swat", 3, 300, 0, true, true, {TEAM_POLICE})

The layout of the above job;

TEAM_SWAT = The Lua variable for this team. This is used for things such as buying shipments, buying weapons, and if you have to be a job to become this.

AddExtraTeam(“S.W.A.T”, = S.W.A.T is the job name displayed in the scoreboard and the bottom left hand corner.

Color(0,0,153,255), = This is the colour displayed in the scoreboard, and is done in RGB format. You can find the perfect colour using the in-game colour tool.

“models/player/barney.mdl”, = The player model that you are when you spawn as this team. If the client does not have this model, then an ERROR will be displayed. As of revision 529, you can add multiple models for each job, when a player chooses their job from the F4 menu, a GUI will appear with all the possible models for that class. To add more than 1 model, you list the models in {}, seperated by commas, eg: {“models/player/barney.mdl”,“modles/player/alyx.mdl”}

[[Raid And Protect From Terrorists]], = The description of the class which is shown in the F4 menu. Although this feature is rarely used, it is still helpful.

{“weapon_deagle2”, “weapon_mp52”, “weapon_pumpshotgun2”}, = The weapons this team spawns with. You must use the weapon’s entity name or this will not work.

“swat”, = The command to become this team. (Ensure that you exclude the forward slash (/) as DarkRP will do so automatically)

3, = How many people can be this team at one point in time?

300, = Their salary that they earn on payday.

0, = Who may become this team? (0 = anyone, 1 = admin, 2 = superadmin only)

true, = Do you have to be voted into this team? (false = no and true = yes)

true, = Does this team have a gun license? (false = no and true = yes)

{TEAM_POLICE}) = Which team or teams do you have to be in order to join this team?

Thank you, captain extremely obvious.