DarkRP: Resetting all players saved money?

Is there a code in a file upon the server that contains the set amount of money players have?
If so, i would like to refresh or completely delete this file.
I had a bug with an ATM machine addon and players now now insanely rich.
I’ve done RP_setmoney playername 0, however when the server restarts, their money is back.
This is a very annoying problem when players spawn insane amount of shipments.

Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated.

What is you’re steamid so I can hardcode the reset to only you. I will leave a area there if you dont want to provide it.

nick = Zero_Fx

I meant STEAM blah steamid but nvm ill get it.

Type rp_resetallmoney in console and tell me if it works. If not I will hardcode a DB reset for you.

rp_resetallmoney will reset the money in the DarkRP database NOT the money from the ATM that blowin made.

How to reset the money just to 1 player ?

Type in console(~) rp_setmoney <playername> <amount you want>

Hope this helped!