DarkRP Respawn Times

So, you know how when you die and have to wait a certain amount of time? A day ago, the time was at 10 seconds, and now we have to wait 60 seconds, and I don’t know how to change it. Can anyone help me change it back to 10 seconds? Thanks, also, I will place a list of all addons below.

-3D Car Dealer
-ARCBank Content
-Archer Crossbow
-Blink SWEP
-Climb SWEP
-Drugs Mod
-Flamethrower SWEP
-Gmod 13 CSS Sweps with C_models
-M9K Assault Rifles
-M9K Heavy Weapons
-M9K Small Arms Pack
-M9K Specialties
-Pirate SWEP Kit
-Proton Pack SWEP
-Pyro MAN
-Rape GMOD
-Shrek Playermodel
-Skeleton Player Model
-TF2 Headtaker SWEP

On line 218 of config.lua in gamemode/config there is

-- respawntime - Minimum amount of seconds a player has to wait before respawning.
GM.Config.respawntime					= 1

Just set that value to 10

I have, yet it is 60 seconds :confused:

“DarkRP_Defibrillator” is the problem. Change the settings in the addon or remove it.

Oh ok, thank you!