DarkRP Robbery Sytem

I get this Erorr:

[ERROR] addons/roberrysystem/lua/entities/bank_vault/cl_init.lua:48: attempt to call field ‘RobberyFormatNumber’ (a nil value)

  1. unknown - addons/roberrysystem/lua/entities/bank_vault/cl_init.lua:48


Addon: http://coderhire.com/browse/script/217/darkrp-bank-robbery-system

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If I delete the file (addons/roberrysystem/lua/entities/bank_vault/cl_init.lua) It will break the Addon

Talk to the creator of the script

I have that addon purchased and it works for me.

You’ve either messed with something or got it from a leak.

It worked for a VERY long time. And I bought the addon.

Have you downloaded the latest version?

Seems like the warez to me.

Whats that

I simple google search would have told you that Warez is a copyrighted work distributed illegally.