DarkRP rp_runspeed and a few others not working

I don’t know why but when I enable or change svars such as rp_runspeed, rp_dropmoneyondeath, and rp_walkspeed (There’s a few others, too) it doesn’t change anything, even though it looks like it works.
It doesn’t show deaths in the console either anymore.
Any support would be greatly appreciated.

Are you using the F4 menu for changing that?
If you do, try to use the svars using your console or the rcon.
rp_dropmoneyondeath 1
rp_walkspeed 340

I dont know why it doesn’t show kills in the console, it doesn’t for me either but I installed a logging addon which logs everything that happens on the server, which can be very useful. Here’s the link: SLA - Simple Logging Addon

You can either log to a txt file, SQLite or MySQL.

The logging addons shows kills in the console.

Thank you for the link, I’ll be sure to install that.
And I have tried with my console, yes, along with the RCON.

Do you have the SVN version of DarkRP?

If you don’t, that may be the problem. Otherwise, I really don’t know.

Yep, though I don’t have it to update, I’ll do that.

That’ll probably be the best thing to do.

All of the speeds require you to die after changing them, and the no death info thing can be caused by a conflicting mod (ex. CellMod replaces the PlayerDeath hook in the gamemode because apparently that’s the proper way of doing things)

I recently installed CellMod, but the issue was occuring before that. I think the kill logs may have something to do with ULX? My second F2S: Stronghold server shows logs and it has ULX, just a lead…

Kill logs are because of CellMod, it overrides PlayerDeath entirely.