Hey all, this is my v2 role play. It is meant for our clan, but i am uploading it for the users!

This is v2 out of v10 so there’s a lot of progress to go. If you have downloaded this role play then please give me feedback on how you think it is.

http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=84175 ------This is the link back to garrysmod.org to our role play.

Please post, and enjoy!!!

This role play includes:

Drug mod
CSS realistic v4
New jobs (my fav swep for the hobo is the throwable boot :D) (it does 0 damage)
Vote system
Custom models

Creator of the original rp
Hungry Hungry Hobo

File not found

I can’t download what isn’t there, my friend.

DarkRP edit, I’m sure.

It even says it in the name, so did you really have to tell us this?

oh lol sorry guys i deleted it
the server owner didnt want me to post it…

Good job wasting other people’s time

Very un-needed.
Just a wave of boxes will do the job.