DarkRP Rule List Feedback

Hey guys, I’m planning on starting a DarkRP server for Garry’s Mod based on the threads I’ve read on the website. I’d like some constructive criticism on this subject.

Another DarkRP Server? Cant this be stopped? jesus.

Hey man, i really like the tone that you have here. I’d hate to nitpick but personally i think that this list should be redone and condensed down to more simpler version and more easier to read for the user. You’d probably understand that a person whos checking out the rules doesn’t want to read a essay paper long rule list. Try to make them more simply and concise but still communicate what you want

Pretty sure 90% of the people who join the server aren’t gonna read a huge wall of text for rules

the only rule needed “All rules are common sense”. - Simplified :3

Alright thank you so much guys! This helped me a lot.

TBH its one of the best rule sets I’ve seen and covers most of the problems with pretty much all common rules but is still too long for most people to bother reading. Hard to avoid though since if you make them any shorter people are just gonna be like “hurr not cuvered in de rulz cant ban for it”. You could try condensing it down to a base set of rules and have a separate sections that goes into more detail as a lot of it seems to be less rules and more guidelines for play but the information is still important since there are a lot of things allowed that most drp servers don’t.

Why enforce no raiding for printer sound as a type of metagame (its not since all the information is available in character) especially when you then go on to say its not meta information right afterwards. If you don’t want people using the sounds then remove them.

Is it my turn to rip this apart?

Don’t be that guy! You gotta read our entire rulelist to figure out what this means though!

Or just skip to the bottom. That works as well…

RDM is a null-rule. You cannot have RP with it. Every is and isn’t random. My definition of random is different from yours, and likewise yours will be different from mine. Admins enforce on these rules, and in my experience, never enforce RDM unless something directly effects them.

If it is non-existent why enforce it? If you really wanted to argue against people using resources for their own gain, someone could turn around and argue they are doing it for-hire/mercenary reasoning. Almost 90% of the time I play gundealer, I setup a guerilla gunsmithing operation in their base, and RP making every firearm by hand. Under your reasoning, I’d be FailRP’ing for RP’ing. This rule also is entirely based on definition defined by authority. In other words, an admin who is on the losing end could enforce FailRP as a means to get on the winning end.

Squad Bravo becomes Squad Charlie. Commander at base orders Squad Charlie to aid the futile raid of Squad Bravo. NLR is null.

Wut. RDM doesn’t exist in a raid.

Everyone uses Skype, everyone uses Teamspeak, everyone uses Ventrillo, everyone uses Mumble.
It’s theoretically, if not physically impossible to enforce this rule. OOC chat can be blocked, but almost everyone communicates via third party communication.

If your rules are not simply stated as, “If it’s impossible to raid for the police, hired PMCs, and trained raiders, it’s illegal.” then you are doing it wrong. Not to mention most people do anti-fortification laws these days.

Just put these into the job descriptions, most people I have talked to will actually read these.

This can be easily settled with one rule saying, “Don’t be a cunt”

Many thanks!

You are giving your players a lot of freedom which is amazing but can also backfire. Give it a shot and update the rules as you go along. Players will have to deal with the ruleset being edited if your server is new as it becomes more volatile to edit once you’ve established a decent playerbase.

I believe i have used “Don’t be a douche” as a server rule before XD

Okay I attempted to improve them, tell me what you think now?