DarkRP Rules

So the biggest issue that I have noticed on DarkRP servers is the insane amount of rules. Well, for the last week or so I’ve been working on a DarkRP server that, hopefully, won’t be cancer. So far I have a list of 10 rules and a small list of clarifications. What should I add/remove, in your opinions?

Also, just noticed how there’s a typo. Are is supposed to be area near the bottom.

Use common sense is in my experience a rule that will be taken very lightly by some admins, if you trust your admins though that shouldn’t matter

I know a few very experienced, mature people who I plan on giving administrator. I trust them enough for this, but thanks for the feedback!

remove everything on the general rules except common sense, because you know, using common sense covers most of them

This thread is beyond terrible, you do realize this is developer discussion section?

Well, I developed cancer reading his thread. Has to count for something.

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Miss read.

Please, dont post that here… this is the developer section

have a part where you talk about job specific rules (Gun dealer can oonly sell guns in his shop blah blah blah)

Lol this was meant for General Discussion, not Developer Discussion, my bad.