DarkRP %s%s

Okay im having a bit of trouble before everyones money its say %s%s$amount here it also does it for health and says %s100 or what ever their health is
Could anyone help me on fixing this

Sounds like you’re missing GM.Config.currency from your config.lua.

Yes but it does it on health ass wel

Eg if i had 100 health it would be like %s100

Or say $1000 it would say wallet: %s%s$1000

it does it for health,wallet anything thats in bottom of your screen on left

Have you done any changes to the gamemode except adding custom jobs, entities or weapons? If so, what changes, which files?

Are you using the latest build of DarkRP?

Just in the config.
Oh, and the fastDL
which is under lua\autorun\server

Everything else is either addons or in gamemode.