DarkRP Secret Words

Hey, well I want something that sets your darkrp money to ‘50000000’ from typing something in chat, is it possible?

Like if I typed ‘!youdead’ your money would be set to 50000k? Would be great if anyone could do this for me!

I had to download DarkRP to find the command to give money but,
Here is it:

function Secret( ply, text, public )
if (string.sub(text, 1, 9) == “/youdead”) then
RunConsoleCommand(“rp_setmoney”,ply:Name(), “50000000”)
ply:ChatPrint(“You have just found the secret phrase !”)
return “”
hook.Add( “PlayerSay”, “TheSecretPhrase”, Secret);

I havent tested it so it maybe won’t work.
If you want to use it, put that in lua/autorun/server as a lua file.

[lua]function Secret§
RunConsoleCommand(“rp_setmoney”, p:Nick(), “50000000”)
Notify(p,1,4, “You found the secret command, you’re a winner!”)
return “”
AddChatCommand("/youdead", Secret)[/lua]


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Hey, I placed it into lua/autorun, but it still doesn’t work?

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Nevermind, needed to run the script