DarkRP - Serious Roleplay or Relaxed Roleplay

Hello everyone. I am just creating this poll to get the public’s decision on something. The question being: **Do you like ‘Serious Roleplay’ or ‘Non-Serious Roleplay’. On Garrysmod DarkRP servers. ** By Serious Roleplay I mean: Expensive shipments and money printers. Lots of settings turned on to make Roleplay more serious. Harder to get a job. More rules. Jail timer being something like; 300 seconds. Everything generally more expensive. Or do you prefer it to be relaxed and fun? Please vote on the Poll and post your opinions here. I am just wandering.Thanks in advance.

Roleplay does not revolve around shipments and money printers.

I never said it did. But, the choice between a money printer being $1000 and $100000 can quickly change a players mind on if they like the server or not. That is what I am looking for. Weather people like it strict, or relaxed.

its usally a mood, but relaxed rp (darkrp) isnt roleplay, its a gamemode, serious role play, isnt roleplay its another game(with harsh ass rules)

I like a combination of both. Like the rules should be put in place to keep new players from messing up veteran players RP experience, but shipments should be kept around an affordable but somewhat realistic rate (like a price for an AK sold by a gun dealer is $3,500 while you use another weapons pack for the BMD to sell less powerful AK’s for $2,000.)

So uh, what is roleplay then?

I miss the kind of roleplay where you would sell melons and computers in a shop in rp_oviscity_b3 and get loads of customers. Police were just metrocops and crime was minimal.

All it would require is that players interact or ‘roleplay’ a bit with eachother. But kids nowadays are too fucking stupid for that, and that’s why it’s shit now.

I really love serious roleplay, Stuff like HL2RP.

I would really love to sell melons :slight_smile:

Honestly, I have a goddamn blast whenever I find a DarkRP server with relaxed rules, a lot of custom weapons, and everyone pretty much doing a Cops vs. Gangs basewars sort of thing, with people being silly and trying to fake a russian accent and having dramatic final moments when they die n’ shit.

But what I usually end up getting is a bunch of under-16s farming money printers in a subway tunnel who shoot you on sight and call you a faggot, then /demote you and scream “NLR NLR ADMIN COME TO ME PLS” if they see you walk past the street-level entrance to the tunnel any time afterwards.

Roleplaying is dead for me, seeing as nowadays it’s all either trolls or people who are too incompetent to actually roleplay.

Relaxed. I like serious RP, and I like DarkRP. Trying to make DarkRP serious defeats the purpose of it, in my opinion.

Relaxed with strong administration.

That goes well until hordes of mingebags with unanimated ragdolls show up. Then the servers lag, the fog gets turned on and evetually hordes of server crashing tripods start fucking everyone’s shit up.

That was terrible.

… And the RAAF began indiscriminate bombing campaigns on the server which lead to collateral damage on unpredictable scales. Leaving the server in a wasteland appearance only allowing the strong, and the minge too survive in tribes.

This is fun… Can we continue?

Serious Roleplay is what I prefer. But, everyone seems to hate it on my server. So, I changed to relaxed roleplay, and they love it.