DarkRp - Serious RP!?

Well i have a request, if any good lua coders could make a better version of Darkrp and please if you want to know details, read Below:

1st.) reduce weapon shipments to 1 each shipment
2nd.) Create an ammo shipment for each type of weapon (shotgun, pistol, Rifle ect) and include 5 pack each holding 50 rounds and cost is 1000

3rd.) Add These cars to the gamemode so that once you buy them, you can respawn them where ever you are aiming after you rejoin ect… You buy them out of F4 Menu or how ever www.ruckadl.weebly.com

4th.) Create the property tax so that when its on, the mayor recieves all of the money taken from the players and all of that money becomes the Mayors Pay Check. For instance, if Billy, John and Joe each pay $100 in property taxes per minute, then the Mayor will recieve $300 a minute. Jose, Juilio and Juan each pay $25, $50 , and $175 the mayor would get paid $250 for his paycheck.

Anyone who completes this and has the gamemode changes ready first will recieve admin on my 40 Slot 250FPS 110Tick server, which runs a custom Medieval Role Play gamemode.

Wow, That Mayor Thing Would Make People Random Demote Like It Was Going Out Of Style.
And It Would Just Create A Terrible Economic Disbalance.
And Reducing Weapon Shipments To 1 A Shipment? Just Buy A Single…
Ammo Shipment Is A Good Idea, Cars That Save Are On Quite A Few Servers These Days.