DarkRP Server Addons

HI. this is my first forum post just to let you guys know.
anyways, lets just get to the point.

Me and some friends recently created a server, and we are currently looking for new and more exciting addons and jobs.
So if you guys could give me some advice then that’d be great. We dont want too many addons, our server box right now is taking along time to load the server already.

Here are the list of addons i have:
FA:S 2 weapons and attachments
huskys realistic printers
drugs mod

Here are the jobs i have: (these are basically the essential jobs a darkrp server must have)
Cartel Mob Member
Cartel Mob Boss
Al Guato Mob Member
Al Guato Mob Boss
Arms Dealer
Police Chief
Drug Dealer

Thanks for anyone who read this. It’d be really helpful if anyone could respond.

You can start by removing wiremod, such a horrible addon for role-play.

Whats wrong with Wiremod?

There is nothing wrong with wiremod just not good for role-play based servers. You want people to role-play not dick around and build all day.

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