DarkRP Server Admin help


Thank you for checking this one out. I have recently set up a dedicated server with UKGame.com and I am

hosting a 20 player DarkRP server. I have added myself and 2 admins to user.txt and still , we get the

message “You are in the SuperAdmin Group on this server”. but I cant access any of the admin tab. And my

admin mod wasnt accessable for somereason. Like with assmod 2.20. I get the access for prop protection &

buddylist.I Have recently Installed Citrus as my admin mod. I have the same problem.

------------------------Please Help Me--------------------------------------------------

------------------------Any Help would Be Much appreciated--------------------------

It’s because you aren’t adding yourself to that specific admin mods admin group, you are only adding yourself to the general one. With Assmod, you need to use the RCon (server console if you have access) and do ass_setowner then your name I think. While you are connected that is. It will give you full control then.

Ass_Setowner <Userid>

Your userid is the number next to your name when you type ‘Status’ in the console.

I was close :buddy: