DarkRP server administrator recruitment

We’re looking for a server administrator to run / edit our server for us. (no free time atm)

Anyways, we just spent alot on a new server.
Specifications of our server:
Quad Core Xeon X3430 Processor (2.4 GHz Cores),
8 GB 1333 MHz DDR3 Memory (Fully Buffered),
100Mbps Uplink
6 TB/m bandwidth

It’s cute aimirite? Anyways we’re looking for someone serious who wants to basically take the server over and run it, I’ll login on my meantime.

Not looking for something to fancy, darkrp, guns / what ever else nothing to fancy.

Just add me on steam x3ntr0

So you want to create another generic DarkRP server?
Good luck with finding anyone on facepunch willing to help you out with that.

5$ a hour.

Another one? Holy crap… It’s on everypage… The scum of the earth is on everypage!

DarkRP are like an epidemic. It grows fast, but easy to remove through over time…

ill wont maybe do it.

I want to apply for admin!
I can’t get admin on other servers because they think people <14 years old cant be good admins! Hope you will get me here, I know wiremod and phx what else i need.

If you’re sarcastic you’re not very good at it.

I’m putting my money on this server being run off the OP’s home computer. If some kid put his time (and parent’s money) into buying a good server, he would know enough to start his own or would be smart enough not to run ShitDM on it.

Fake. Go back to your lives, people. Show’s over.

Knowing wiremod doesn’t make you a good admin

You made your mistake at word number 4.

Why is there something else

Are you a idiot? Wiremod isn’t a administrative quality. It is a fucking building tool.

What! I didt know that l0l guise sorry!!!

Anorther one! Be original please, not again a darkrp server!!

Sure, I’ll be an admin!

The scary thing is I bet he is actually willing to give admin without any tests or hesitation

I’ll be an Admin for your server. That is, if it is still up and people are actually active on it. I added you on Steam, I am Panda Santa btw coz I changed it for Xmas (Name usually Panda_Agent_007)
If you still need any then please respond to my friend request.

Why would anyone ever want to be admin on a server. It’s not a gift, most of the time it’s a chore.

whear i applie