DarkRP Server BETA!

We are looking for people to come and test out DarkRP server!
We need tips on different addons, entities, jobs etc.

For your efforts you will gain a beta tester title and unlock some stuff on the server that only beta testers will gain and a good amount of start money!

Contact me on steam if you want to help us out! And we will give you the information you need!

Make a more appealing ad.

Have as little jobs as possible. Just keep the core ones: Mayor, Cop, Gun Dealer. Those are all the jobs you need, let the players decide what other job they want to be using /job.

Enforce roleplay, and have a good administration team. I’d recommend having a welcome menu when people join the server, containing a MOTD and lettings players set their RP name and model before spawning.

Limit guns. I can not stress this enough.
Have just a few very basic guns on the server, and make them expensive and hard to get. This will cause less deaths.

Something else you might want to do is code in a ‘faint’ system similar to the one in L4D. When a player loses all his health, he’ll drop to the ground and start slowly bleeding to death. From there, someone can revive him, but if he isn’t revived in a certain amount of time he’ll bleed to death. If he doesn’t want to wait to bleed to death, he should be able to just type in “/acceptdeath” or something in chat.

Thanks for the tips Jocken300! I have a MOTD with both roleplay rules and server rules.
I have added some new weapons besides the default ones. Grenades and knifes.

But the server is still being tested so i just got a few other admins! And thats why we need testers to find bugs and gliches!

Stay away from downtown and don’t sell admin/mod/whatever. Find administrators who won’t ban people for stupid reasons and aren’t elitist cunts.

Yeah i choose admins that are good and i know!
But why should i stay away from downtown?

90% of DarkRP servers use it. If you want to be successful, you’ll need to be original.

Yeah i see! thanks for the tip :smiley:

Use Weather mod,make an RP lesson on the server,make guns exepensive,change the hud.

Use another maps like,RP_california \ Rp_cityway

and the jobs model,use Hexed Citizens,for make an real city rp,and its better.

Going a step further with this, rename Gun Dealers something more like “Merchant”, and give them the options chefs had previously.

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I recommend removing as many of the default weapons as possible. Having a bunch of pistols is redundant and unnecessary, since they all serve the same purpose.

If you want to include grenades, you should probably limit them to a flashbang intended for the police to use to help cut down on RDM.

I have added a ammocrate but the model is to heavy to lift with the garvity gun. Anyone know a code to override the weight or something?

Also, another tip: Disable /job. It cuts down on metagaming DRASTICALLY. You don’t need a sign over your head to tell you what you are, just go do it.

But we still need more people to help out with the server!

Zander, if you want people to help, you’re going to have to offer more than just co-owner or admin, money. If you don’t want to spend money on it, I would recommend learning LUA yourself. Opens up alot of oppertunities for yourself. It’s good to see this isn’t turning out to be yet another DarkRP server.