DarkRP server: Chillcraft hiring a coder

What I want you to do:

  • GENERAL SETUP [I have lost all of the jobs and weapons when my server host reset]
  • Laws in GUI top left

-Donor perks/classes
-----Access to SWAT
-----Access to more props

  • Anti prop kill
  • Radio Broadcasting job [always fun]

-Building signs

  • Mayor setup right /addlaw /removelaw /lottery /warrant /wanted


  • $60 [low because I know most of this is already made.]
  • Payment through Paypal
  • Negotiations available however it must be reasonable
  • Payment when finished
  • You will be marked as owner as well and always [unless threatened] have access to CP and FTP


  • At most 1 month however I am expecting it to take 1-3 weeks


  • Skype lunaradiation
  • ICQ [post when I find]
  • E-Mail [best] codezmusic@gmail.com
  • Or through the server [Chillcraft | DarkRP]

Thanks for reading and considering.

Players will find this annoying, in my opinion don’t add this make an F4 tab for laws instead.


Install this on your server

Spawn text using toolgun

To make the text permanent, hold C for context menu, right click on the textscreen, and make the text screen permanent! (only works for admins, so pick the right admins that won’t abuse the tool.)

Thank you very much for your help!