DarkRP Server, Client FPS

My server gets quite FPS laggy once it gets full and people start spawning bases. I’m hosted under NFOServers and they said my server is already on one of their best machines and that it’s an issue with addons. I trimmed down all of the excess addons and a ton of the TDMCars we had on the server. We’re running DarkRP 2.5.1 I believe and we have 41 workshop addons and maybe 55-60 addons total but the non workshop addons are pretty much just ulx modules. I’m pretty sure TDMCars is causing the bulk of the lag but it’s kind of a necessary plugin for my server otherwise there isn’t much for players to print money for which is the spirit of darkrp. I’ve trimmed it down to like 30 cars but I guess I’ll have to delete more. Are there any suggestions or known addons that cause heavy FPS lag for darkrp servers? I have a pretty mid-high rig and I get like 25-40 FPS which isn’t really good at all. Thanks.

The tickrate is at 33 and the server usage rarely ever goes higher than 60%-70% CPU.

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