DarkRP Server continuously crashing.

I know I have seen some other pages on here with this same issue, and I know other servers with it. But I haven’t seen any definitive, helpful answer on exactly what to do. Our server crashes a regular twice a day, for no visible reason. The console says nothing, at all. We cleared out a lot of our addons, but it is still doing it. We do have some scriptfodder scripts too. What should we do and how can we fix this? We would like for this to stop by the time we get our new custom Map. Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

There’s no way to fix it. Wait for the next update (if they fix it).

Your crashes are most likely caused by NWVars, Robotboy has already announced an update that fixes it for today, so just wait it out until then.

I’m so fucking happy they finally announced it lol

Oh, ok thanks. I’ll just waits then :slight_smile:

when the update?

There is no specific date, but hopefully soon. :smile: