DarkRP Server Crash

Ive got a DarkRP Server , but it crashes all the time and I dont know why…
There are many Addons on it and here is the IP for those who wanna check it :
It is a Linux Server , bought on https://en.myvirtualserver.com (it is the OVZ-4)
I hope anyone can help me :slight_smile:
THX Azoni
(Sry for my bad english ^^)

A hotfix is on the way which will apparently address some of the issues, its the same for the majority of our servers alot of random crashing and low lifetime. Robot said he will try and push it for Monday but don’t take my word :slight_smile:

There already a thread going on about it here http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1450721&page=23

Read from about page 21 and alot of server owners and dev’s talking about possible problems/solutions.


just take a look in the forum, another Thread is opened for this:

:slight_smile: All guys got problems with DarkRP