DarkRp server crashes before joining.

Hey guys, I have been having some connection problems with an Rp server that I frequent. After fixing the snapshot error thing with “cl_updaterate 30” and after a couple days my computer froze when playing on the server and Garry`s Mod crashed.

Now every time I try to join the server it just crashes without an error of any kind. Any help at all is appreciated and will be tried out, also as you can see I am currently on a mac.

Is your server dedicated? Or do you pay?
Does your server crash when you connect, or does it crash after a while of startup?
What operating system does your server run on?

There is an optional donations thing, but as far as I know its dedicated. It crashes when it tries to do the client stuff. So before startup. Im really not sure.

Okay do up to #4

The download thing is only for windows I think, when I tried it out it just showed the scripty thingies.

As you can see, I am very fluent in scripty thingy jargon.

Oh right youre on Mac.
Nevermindd I can’t really help.
Wish you luck!

could you please show us the “error of some kind”? it could help quite alot as theres millions of errors.

No, it does not show an error. It just crashes on me, I tried deleting the cache file for the server but when it downloaded again it just crashed again.

So I`m not sure what the frag is going on, it just crashes on me.

Macs are known to have issues with GMod, have you tried reinstalling?

But all my stuff!

^^ save whats needed and try reinstalling? -.-, if your stuff is so important then theres only 1 way to find the fault, debug (wich i dont know if doable on a mac) or remove everything added by yourself 1 at a time and see if its fixed, wich most likely will take days or even weeks.

Anywas, try to install a fresh installation dosnt matter what first and see if that even works, in case not you know whats wrong, your runnning on mac!