DarkRP server crashes when spawning a car.

Hey, I have a problem with my DarkRP server.
Sometimes when I spawn a vehicle, my server just crashes.
I have no clue what’s the problem, everything else works just fine.

my addentities.lua:
AddCustomVehicle(“Airboat”, “models/airboat.mdl”, 3500, {TEAM_CAR})
AddCustomVehicle(“Jeep”, “models/buggy.mdl”, 4500, {TEAM_CAR})

my shared.lua:
TEAM_CAR = AddExtraTeam(“Car Salesman”, Color(200, 200, 200, 255), “models/Kleiner.mdl”, [[wtf]],{}, “car”, 1, 60, 0, false, false)

Wrong section

Where should I post it then?