DarkRP server crashing (again..)

Well it looks like the devs have done it again!

Ever since this morning my DarkRP server (and all of my friend’s servers aswell) has been crashing & sometimes completely freezing.
I’ve checked my logs & nothing seems to be happening before the crash, it’s completely random.
The crashing usually happens every 1-45 minutes.
I’m 200% sure this is not because of anything I’ve done, as I haven’t added, modified, or removed anything since the last update.

So, who else has been having this issue?
Also, who else is sick of wasting up to hundreds of dollars & hours per month on their servers while these “devs” continue to break it?

I’ll try to post some crashdumps in awhile (not like it’ll matter)

I agree and can confirm that this has been happening to my associates’ servers as well. I’m not sure what they’re doing with these small unlisted updates that they’re releasing, but they seem to fix one thing while breaking 10 others. I think the head developers of this game should probably be re-evaluated.

I also hope that you don’t get banned just for expressing your frustration on these persistent problems. Just because it doesn’t happen to others doesn’t mean the problems don’t exist, because they’re very much real.

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve noticed that since the March 9th update, my FPS on multiplayer servers drop drastically. The solid 50-60 FPS I used to get has succumbed to 20-30 FPS after the update was released. Any shred of hope at all that this game will return to the functional and fun game that we all knew and enjoyed?

I agree.
This is worse than back in 2010 when Garry broke the game every other week with his updates
But at least he fixed them within 24 hours… not almost a month.

I’m sure i’ll be banned for posting this. We’re not allowed to be angry about our wasted time & money.

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It seems my server is now freezing more than crashing, every 10-20 minutes.

These devs are so unprofessional, they really should test every update before giving it to the world and ruining the whole game, its as if they really don’t care about garrysmod anymore. You better step up your game devs or gmod will burn to dust

No one is forcing you to pay “hunders of dollars” a month. And if you are paying that much, you are being ripped off. Badly.

Posting crashdumps actually help us more than your post.

I’m paying about ~$70 a month.
I have friends who pay over $200 a month to run giant dedicated servers which run MANY garry’s mod servers
I posted about 50+ crashdumps last time they broke the game & none of them were even looked at, so why bother now?

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Here’s a fuckton of crashdumps from today.

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I never though i’d say this, but garry please come back we need you

From what I can understand (which isn’t all that much when it comes to dumps), the error is at vphysics.dll + 0x6a7a9, EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION_READ. Are you sure your server is up to date, and have you checked your files’ integrity?

Yes, i’ve ran app_update 4020 validate on all of my servers.

“No one is forcing you to pay” Rofl, you’re going to put out that pathetic excuse? When people pay for a service, uh… They expect the service they paid for. What about everyone who spent money on the game itself? They don’t matter because they weren’t forced to pay for the game? Very poor response and logic.

God damnit, I just want Garry to come back.

I’m wasting $70+ per month keeping my servers online, and for what?
For these devs to continue to destroy the game we all love, then tell us it’s OUR FAULT when our shit crashes

I’m so sick of this, it’s pathetic.

Right back at you. The “people pay for a service” who “uh… expect the service they paid for”, aren’t paying for Garry’s mod, they are paying for hosting. As for for the people who paid for the game, the game get’s updated when needed, but that’s irrelevant seeing as we are speaking about hosting. While we are on the topic of hosting, paying that much for Windows NT seems a lot.

Hm. Pretty easy to say when you’re not on the receiving-end of the consequences of these bad, forced updates.

So, you’re saying we should all just shut down our servers because it’s not their responsibility to keep the game working?

Damn, okay.

So I’ve spoken to an owner of a DarkRP server and he hasn’t been experiencing any of this on his server, or any of the other ones he has.

Sounds to me like the problem isn’t necessarily Garry’s mod’s, but maybe how your server is set up.

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Have you tried reinstalling the server?

How in the HELL would reinstalling the server fix it?
I haven’t changed ANYTHING since the last update.
It’d be pretty fucking helpful if they didn’t force these hidden updates without telling us what they’ve changed.
I’m sick of being told it’s my fault my servers are crashing, when it’s clearly due to the poor development on the game.

I’ve talked to 4 DarkRP server owners and they’re all having this issue.

As far as I know, your server only get’s updated when you update it yourself. If your going to whine about an issue (in bold), atleast try to help yourself. Complaining about something and then doing nothing is a shitty mentality to have, let alone the circle jerking.

Can you send me an MD5 hash of your vphysics.dll (easily done here http://onlinemd5.com/) so I can compare it to another person’s?

and to answer your first question, reinstalling things tends to fix a lot of things.

I’m a DarkRP owner and I am not having this issue. Also, re-installing things helps in quite a lot of cases.

P.S Flaming people who are trying to help you is a great way to not get help at all.

I don’t see this file anywhere on my dedi, it’s not in any of my gameservers.
Where should this be located?


Here’s my vphysics.dll from my DarkRP server