DarkRP server, gamemode not working

Ok so I bought a 24/7 gmod server 3 days ago, I’ve been installing all such of things on it, just like in tutorials on youtube etc. But it still doesn’t work for some reason, it does’nt activate darkrp, still just sandbox in the downtown map.

This is my addon list:

This is what’s in orangebox\garrysmod\gamemodes:

This is inside the DarkRP folder in orangebox\garrysmod\gamemodes\DarkRP:



my server.cfg:

my autoexec.cfg (i’ve had to manually put this file in the \orangebox\garrysmod\cfg\ folder, is that normal?)

then here is the commandline ( the one that you start your game with, i can only edit the things that i can fill in in the boxes. nothing else)

If somebody knows what’s the problem please say so, or fi you need more screenshots.

Thank you in advance!

Write DarkRP like: darkrp ,
so put this in servers.cfg
gamemode darkrp

That worked tnx! (: