DarkRP Server help

Hello everyone. I’ve recently started playing garrysmod again since gmod 9. I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to go about creating a darkrp server or forward me a more recent thread on how to make one with steamcmd. I’ve fairly new with server owning, so any advice I will take to mind.

I’ve gotten through installing the steamcmd as well as garrysmod and the css content for rp, but everytime I run the .bat file after it verifies my content its says I get “command not found: quitapp”

It doesn’t matter, just close SteamCMD and start the actual server.

Awesome. The server config took everything over too so all I have to enter was the rcon password. One more thing though if you dont mind. How do I change the game mode to dark rp in the server config? I’m pretty sure i picked up the proper version of it on github and put it in my srcds/steamapps/etc/etc/gamemodes.

Put +gamemode darkrp in your server launch parameters.