DarkRP server help

Hi so as you can see by the title I need help with my server. I got it yesterday and I have looked at tutorials and they can’t help me. All I need doing is installing darkrp with custom jobs and ulx admin mod which I installed but still I am a noob so what I am asking is of someone could install these on my server with custom guns eg m9k weapon pack I will let you co own my server. The server is a 38 slot server. And for the game files which you have 100% access uses acplayer or tpadmin or something like that so if you would like to do this for me I will offer co ownership (you don’t pay anything) feel free to contact me on Skype Facebook or email look below. Also can you install a donation system so they can donate for jobs and money thanks Email : alexedwardsgcse@gmail.com. Skype alexedwwards14 Facebook Alex Edwards


Bump not looking for something to buy at this point in time but the reward is co owner so you get 50% of the profits if the server makes some with donations

If you can’t install a gamemode then servers aren’t for you and co-ownership of a DarkRP server is more of a punishment than a reward.