DarkRP server help

Alright, so basically I’ve made a DarkRp server.
Problem is, when any player enters the server, it doesn’t ‘activate’.
As in, the bottom left GUI doesn’t show up, the F3, F4 and F1 thingos don’t work, and you cant use the q menu.
Also, the default spawn inventory still is in the inventory (as in, guns and stuff etc.)

Yes the gamemode is set to darkrp.
Yes the darkrp gamemode folder is the server gamemodes folder

EDIT: And also, I do need help with the whole setting up the server thing.

EDIT 2: Yes I know I’m dumb when it comes to this stuff

We are not your servants. If you have a specific problem then ask it. If you want help setting up a darkrp server then read the darkrp wiki. Darkrp from the workshop and github should work straight out of the box which makes me think you are using a modified or outdated version.

If you are experiencing errors then post them, otherwise you are wasting your time.

I’m not getting errors, and also, yes I am aware of the fact you aren’t my servants.
I only added the edit because I thought the problem might be that I hadn’t set it up correctly
Furthermore, I’m not using a modified DarkRP. The darkrp i downloaded was the DarkRP Master from the github link here https://github.com/FPtje/DarkRP.
If you want a specific problem, then here you go.
The DarkRP gamemode on my server isn’t activating. It’s basically like it’s not there. The only thing you can do is use the weapons that come in the default sandbox inventory.

Make sure your gamemode folder is named “darkrp” and not something like “darkrp-master” and make sure you are starting your server with the gamemode “darkrp”.

Also check if there are either errors on BOTH the server and the client, because normally what people do is just check the clients console not realising they need to check the servers too. Just in case

Yeah, I’ve already done that, but no change… (not to be pissy lol)

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Okay so I fiddled with some stuff and I’m getting lua errors like this https://imgur.com/MbE9EA6 (embed wasn’t working)
This is serverside BTW

Install CSS onto the server. Those are not Lua errors by the way which is more what we are concerned with. I’m not sure exactly how darkrp works but I know it has a strong dependency for CSS.

So, I know how to install it onto the server, I’m just wondering were in the server folder I do that.

What? Just install it from srcds into the same folder that you installed gmod to then mount it.

AH! I mounted CSS to the server, and now I’m getting this error: https://imgur.com/a/kh00I

your console has a different icon to mine, may be an issue

You should verify your gmod server.

Ok Thanks

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Hmmm, yeah. It looked fine before I mounted CSS

Did you “mount css” by extracting css or a css dedicated server over your gmod server?

I used app_update 232330, the dedicated server. Would this be my problem?

Yes. That has just overriden all of Gmods server files with CS:S server files. You should’ve downloaded it on a different folder and either moved the cstrike folder to where the gmod server was or just configurate the mount.cfg to point at the cstrike folder.

oh dearie me… will I have to redownload all the server stuff again?