DarkRP Server HELP!

I have created a DarkRP SVN server, and when I press f4 playin` with a citizen, I can see the weapons that the gun dealer has to sell.

I want to disable it, how can I do it?

you did something wrong, do it over


I just created a new custom job, and placed guns for it, like "AddCustomShipment(“Kar98-K”, “models/weapons/w_k98_f.mdl”, “weapon_sim_Kar98k”, 4600, 10, false, 590, false, {TEAM_GUN})

Is the shipment set up so that it may not be sold separately?

I had set up to sell separately, then the dealer wouldnt need to buy a whole shipment to get just 1 gun

rp_restictbuypistol 1

if its already on:
rp_restrictbuypistol 0
rp_restrictbuypistol 1
(sometimes glitches)

I just love u :D, thank u very much funnyman!


And I am with another problem. When I want to place a custom model for a job, I need to place in addons folder, or DarkRP content folder?

Either or. The DarkRP content folder only gets sent to the client when the gamemode is running. The Addons folder is always sent to the client, no matter the gamemode.

Oh Thanks pal.

Set up a new gamemode, and don’t change it.