DarkRP Server Issues CL_Init.Lua!!!

Hello I have made and laid out everything for a DarkRP.
Every time I join the server I get an error that " CL_Init.Lua " file is 100% missing. I followed
the directory and the file was right their in the location it says! I tried opening a fastldl server and
uploading DarkRP gamemode to it, but that proved no better! I am running this on the map " RP_Downtown_V2 ".
I also have installed CSS, cstrike, orangebox ,gmod, hl2, ep1, tf2, dod, and hl2mp.

Please any assistance would be appreciated.

Are you sure you’re using the latest version?

I am using the latest version. One thing I noticed is I had to rename the folder to lowercase. I will try making the Lua file lowercase