DarkRP Server name bugged!

Hey guys,

So the server that im admin on had some work done by the host. they did some fixes or something to one of their routers.

And that caused the server name to fuck up. We have no idea what it is or how to fix it, and neither does the host,NFO Servers.

So if anyone has ANY ideas on what this could be or how to fix it, please let me know!

Thanks :smiley:

Check your cfgs and your command line.

can u be more specific please

I’m the owner of the server.

The .cfg’s are perfectly normal. The command line is as is should be, but instead when the server running it insists on being the name “Garry’s Mod”

in console (NEEDS TO BE RCON)

hostname "SERVER NAME"

This will only work until crash/restart/mapchange iirc

yeah, that is what we are doing now but we are looking for a permanent fix

That command is preset in the cfg? Correct?

you do have hostname “SERVERNAME” in you’re server.cfg right?
if yes, have you tried putting it in autoexec.cfg?


and yes.

you could do it with lua… but it wouldn’t be the best.

function fixHost()
RunConsoleCommand(“hostname”, “My super cool darkrp server”)
hook.Add(“InitPostEntity”,“fixHost”, fixHost)

I am assuming this would fix it just create an autorun file in lua/autorun/server

but it is a bad way to fix your problem.