DarkRP server need help really bad

I do hope this is the right place to ask this… Ok so i just made a DarkRP server, i had everything working and was messing around with plugins that i used to have on my sandbox gmod server when upon one of my restarts i found out that for reasons unknown weapons were no longer able to be picked up (they were able to be picked up about 2 hours previous to this) i have repaired my css installation, my gmod installation and have checked for updates on DarkRP and any plugins i have. Now to rule out what im sure some of you are thinking: i reverted back to the plugins that i had when it worked so no plugins are the problem, no the guns dont float like if css is not installed they just fall to the ground and cannot be picked up. Here is a screenshot of what i see (i can even pick up with the grav gun):

Check your prop protection, it apparently thinks that it is owned by “shared” (who, I presume, is shared.lua).

Turn it off and try again.

"rp_license - Enable/disable People need a license to be able to pick up guns"
"rp_noguns - Enabling this feature bans Guns and Gun Dealers."

Make sure both are 0, and if you still want to use gunlicenses, add them to the list in F4 as an admin or grant people licenses (cops can do that).

thank you to both of you, and as it turns out my “guns that can be owned without licenses” had made all the pistols unable to be picked up, i am fixing all issues with that and can now pick up my guns again. =D (i have seen another thread about this with no helpful answers so i request that this thread be locked but left there in case another unfortunate soul have to deal with this madness)