DarkRP Server noobs.

So many. So many. The kids are worse. Much. Much. Worse. :suicide:

(User was banned for this post ("Shit thread" - Ninja101))

I can’t get DarkRP to work… :suicide:

What’s the point of this thread?

Cause you don’t know how to use addons

Make more cupcakes.

how do you use addons :pwn:

‘Noob’, as opposed to what? How can someone be good at something that requires no skills, talent, or effort?

Omg lyk that guy is so pr0, he can buy guns bettar then any1!!!

I would call you a kid, but you joined steam in 2003, so I hope you’re not really that dumb and you’re just making a joke, either way you still look dumb

It’s not the noobs’ fault. DarkRP is generally shit.