DarkRP server popularity help.

Hello, I am Adam, I am 23 years old and I loved DarkRP. Before you say its filled with kids! wtf are you playing such a gamemode, my answer is: Well im playing a game that is labeled as a family game meaning all age groups will play it so people need to stop complaining over the age of people as if it means something. If you insult a kid cos hes a kid then you yourself aren’t any better. Now before I get off topic too much I wanna ask.

I have made half a DarkRP server and was wondering what is some goodways to gain popularity. Answer to the smartasses who will say make it fully custom or dont copy pasta scriptfodder scripts. The answer is Im not making a custom one so dont even bother wasting your finger strength.

Now for everyone who has not been affected and agrees with my previous statements above I salute you. You are mature and you are the guys I’m asking. I just want general help with learning to make my server popular without a knob screaming how bad darkrp is or how bad my server is.

I will happily answer any questions below :slight_smile:

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Provide incentives for playing more or AFKing.